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activeGate® Control Systems

Gloss level, evenly textured surfaces, color uniformity and aesthetics are all determinants for the visual quality of modern plastic parts. In addition to these factors, today's parts also require optimum dimensional stability and perfect surfaces in the gating area. Molding quality parts is more challenging than ever, and common molding processes often are not sufficiently meeting these requirements. activeGate® patented technology can easily mitigate these problems by precisely controlling the flow and pressure spikes into the cavity, ensuring consistent high quality molded parts.

Hydraulic >>

Provides independent gate control for hydraulic hot runner systems. Ideal in cascade or sequential molding applications requiring excellent surface quality and dimensional stability.

Pneumatic >>

The latest activeGate control technology is now available for select applications. Please contact Synventive or your local account manager for additional information.  

Electric >>

Electronically controlled hot runner systems offer cleanliness, precision and repeatability. This enabling technology is well suited for the most challenging applications.