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activeGate® Control Systems

SynFlow® Two-Speed Sequential Valve Gating

activeGate_SynFlowBy controlling the opening speed of the valve pin, users can regulate the release of melt pressure into the cavity, eliminating pressure spikes that lead to flow front acceleration and stagnation. Defects caused by pressure variances can be eliminated.

  • Superior part quality
  • Process repeatability
  • Greater control
  • Process monitoring
  • Quicker start ups

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SynFlow® is a patented technology.  


hGate® Independent Pin Position Control

activeGate_hGatehGate enables the user to independently and precisely dictate the pin’s position, speed, acceleration and stroke gaining an extended level of control in regulating the release of melt pressure into the cavity.

  • Increased part quality surface finish, geometrical accuracy
  • Repeatability of part quality
  • Increased part to part & shot to shot consistency
  • Advanced process adjustments and monitoring
  • Easily solve balancing challenges

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hGate® is a patented technology.  


Dynamic Feed®  Melt Pressure Control

activeGate_DynamicFeedDynamic Feed provides individual melt pressure control in each gating area. Every gate receives the precise injection and pack pressure that is predefined for their position giving you the same level of control as having separate injection units at each hot runner nozzle.

  • in single cavity molds: for complex part geometries
  • in multi cavity molds: for precision and consistency in higher cavitation molds
  • in modular molds: for different cavities in the mold base and modular tool inserts
  • in family molds: for different or complementary parts in one mold unit. 

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Dynamic Feed® is a patented technology. 


VMI Monitoring with full diagnostic capability

Monitoring VMIVMI facilitates easy set up for your sequential valve gated applications. Having VMI installed allows you to check that your valve pins are moving as intended without the need for physical checks and also provides measured individual pin movement data. The main module can be used on multiple tools..

  • Real time valve gate status
  • Eliminates the need for visual pin checks
  • Troubleshooting (of open/close issues)
  • Eases process setup of symmetrical zones
  • Signal outputs for data logging and advanced process setup
  • Can be easily upgraded to an activeGate control technology

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VMI uses patented technology.